Nov 29, 2022
Best Features of a Computer.

Are you looking forward to buying a new computer? This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Macintosh launch, marking the beginning of Apple’s dominance over personal computers. In honour of such a milestone, let’s take a look at some of the best features of a computer you should know.

Power and Performance

A computer is nothing without powerful hardware which will make it able to run any software application that comes into existence. If your purchase includes a Mac OS X operating system then it has already been preloaded with many applications. But this doesn’t mean that everything can be done on this machine – you need more RAM (Random Access Memory) for example. You also need a fast processor – one that is optimized for running the programs made by Apple itself and third-party developers.


Computers are versatile as they can fulfil almost any role a person may require from them. Most people own at least two different types of laptops depending on their usage. You might want something lightweight and compact while on vacation and then carry around a heavier model if you plan to work through the night or attend meetings.


Computers are reliable machines that keep running without failure. They are generally built with more robust components than other devices so they tend to operate smoothly over time. This means that they can handle heavy workloads without breaking down.


Computer memory has been getting bigger and bigger over the years. Newer models come with huge amounts of storage space which allows you to store hundreds of files on a single device. RAM (Random Access Memory) is another important aspect of a laptop’s hardware configuration. It helps to manage data and information within the system quickly. If there is not enough RAM available, programs will slow down and eventually crash.

Processor Speed.

Computers have faster processors which help them complete complex tasks faster than desktops. However, you should always test before buying an expensive new item. With higher processor speeds, faster laptops become even more capable. Many new laptops have dual-core chips, quad-core CPUs and even eight cores. Some laptops have dedicated graphic processing units (GPUs), allowing them to use high-performance graphics cards.

Hard Drive Space

The amount of free space on your hard drive is directly related to the size of software applications that you install. Before purchasing any additional software, make sure there is room on your hard drive.

Optical Drives

Optical drives can read CDs and DVDs, allowing you to store large amounts of music or video on your computer. Many optical drives come built-in with your computer, while others can be added separately. You’ll want to factor this cost into your budget before making a purchase.

Video Card

Video cards allow your computer to display graphics and images. They contain several processing chips, including a GPU, which helps enhance colour quality when playing movies and games. You may not need the most expensive video card right away, but do shop for something that will last you several years.

DVD/CD Burner

Burning discs is an essential feature of many computers. Your CD burner enables you to write data onto blank discs, so they can be used later on your computer. Even if you don’t burn anything, your computer must have a disc burner to access media stored on these discs.


You probably prefer using the keyboard to navigate your mouse, so why not add it to your computer? Keyboards usually come preinstalled on laptops and desktops, but, but you can always buy them separately for $50-200 dollars. If you already have a laptop or desktop, look at the specifications to determine whether its keyboard has all the features you require.

The Bottom Line.

It’s time to get back to work! There’s no denying the fact that technology plays a major role in our lives, and we love having the latest and greatest devices. However, as great as new gadgets can be, they’re not without their faults. We put together this list to help you determine whether buying a new PC is worth the investment.

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